Enhance the Look of Your Panama City & Niceville, FL-Area Home

Let the pros handle the tree trimming process

Do you want a great looking yard year-round? Instead of spending hours doing yardwork, leave it to the skilled team at Emerald Coast Stump Grinding.

When we take tree trimming off your to-do list, you can enjoy having more free time. Since we have the necessary expertise and proper equipment, you can be confident that we'll do the job right.

Contact us today to schedule routine tree trimming services in Panama City & Niceville, FL or surrounding areas. After we're done, your yard will stand out from others on the block.

Are you making these tree pruning mistakes?

Are you making these tree pruning mistakes?

If you prune your trees yourself, you could be doing more harm than good.

Over the years, the knowledgeable team at Emerald Coast Stump Grinding has seen it all. The most common tree pruning mistakes are:

  • Pruning in the wrong seasons or when the tree is stressed
  • Removing branches improperly
  • Cutting off more than 15% of the canopy

Since these mistakes can irrevocably harm your trees, it's best to leave the job to a professional. Call now to get a free estimate on tree pruning services in the Panama City & Niceville, FL area.